Day 1: Dirty Little Secrets at Kinkfest 2017

Thank you so much to all of our fabulous artists for making this year’s event so VERY delectable! Our returning artists continue to bring a variety of high caliber art, while our new artists are simply wowing the crowds with their innovative styles and processes. Digital photography, toned silver gelatin prints, illustrations, paintings and digital kaleidoscopes round out the majority of the work. All of the art is getting RAVE reviews from the patrons. Everyone is very excited!

As you may have heard, we have new panels this year, which make it very easy to hang any number of art pieces per panel. These panels have allowed us to reconfigure our space as well, making it easier for patrons to peruse all of the art as they walk through the space. We are also offering up cozy, comfy couches and chaises so people can sit a spell and decide which art they are taking home with them. I took note of one patron that chose the area to work on their own creativity – working on a mandala while the world moved by them in the quiet space we created in the middle of the Kinkfest vendor hall!

And more art is coming!

Life gets in the way, and a few of our artists could not make the event. However, an artist from last year will be hanging his work in the morning to help fill the empty spots! Patrons were very excited to see new art hanging each time they passed through the space. They kept coming back for more!

Art shown: Olivia Haro

Art shown: Cat Cee

See you all tomorrow!


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