Dirty Little Secrets 2017 recap

Whew! What an event! I’m still trying to catch my breath after such an amazing and successful event! In fact, my VW bus is still loaded down with all of the supplies.

I started to report on all of they daily happenings but soon got caught up in the fun. Here is a list of highlights from the rest of the weekend:

  • Artists hanging out in the gallery area, catching up with one another, and talking with patrons and potential models.
  • “Spanky” giving his infamous foot massages to lucky recipients lounging in the gallery.
  • Laughter and hugs and smokes shared around the firepit at the Saturday night meet and greet
  • The many artist attendees interested in showing their work with us next year.
  • The sharing of contact information for potential future commissions.
  • The elation expressed by patrons who found “the piece” of art that they connected with, and then took home as their prize.
  • The look of wonder and surprise when someone found a piece of art that speaks to them personally on many different levels
  • The relief and relaxation that crossed many faces as they took a respite on the couches…and sometimes dozed off for a few
  • The many “thank yous” we received from artists and attendees alike for providing such an experience.
  • The many secrets shared with us on the DLS white board.
  • The giggles heard as people read the secrets quietly or aloud to their friends…and then added their own
  • The chatter, comments, and questions about next year discussed throughout the crowd attending the Saturday evening meet and greet held at the festival hotel over cigars and drinks around the fire pit.
  • The hugs and giddy laughter as artists showing their erotic art for the first time become instant celebrities with the festival crowd.

What were your favorite highlights of the event? Please add yours in the comments!


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