David Rolin – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #1

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: David Rolin

DSC_1892.CLR.7X10.300 copyI have been creating fine art, pan-erotic photography professionally for 37 years.

The overall theme of my work is The Essential Feminine. I explore this thesis within the context of contemporary social taboo, gender issues, fetish tradition, personal rituals and more. Each shoot seeks to examine these issues through the commentary unique to that subject. I work with both males and females in a collaborative, boundary sensitive and non-judgemental process. The sharing of their personal truth contributes the element of authenticity in our work together.

My studio protocol is very improvisational, relying on our combined intuition, spontaneity and candor. Our roles are as creative partners rather than the traditional director/model method. I consider each shoot to be a singular life event during which I seek to find the creative resonance between the subject and myself.

If you have questions or wish to schedule a shoot, please contact me for more details.

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