CRD Larson – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #4

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: CRD Larson

crd_larson_c+e erotic abstract cunnilingus lesbian acrylic pop art paintingCRD Larson resides in the Pacific Northwest creating erotic pop art, primarily acrylic on canvas paintings. Much of his work explores on intimate cropped compositions; bold, bright color blocking; and/or original lingerie and cosplay design. An emerging artist, Larson’s foray into erotica began in earnest when, sometime around 2014, he read Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s 1964 quote regarding pornography, “I’ll know it when I see it.” To Larson, Justice Stewart’s statement (that the boundary between art and obscenity is entirely subjective) served as a launching point for creating artworks which collectively search for that elusive and endlessly ambiguous line between culture and smut.
Beginning in November, 2016, Larson sought out venues across the country to showcase his work.  Throughout 2017, his work was shown in cities such as Seattle (twice), Chicago, Oakland, and Los Angeles.  He travelled to and displayed art at events like Sexcon, Nudes A Poppin,’ and Adultcon, and had pieces accepted into juried art exhibitions such as the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (2017), Failed Films (2017), and the Dirty Show (Detroit, 2018).  Encouraged by his experiences in the past year, Larson is applying to even more erotic exhibitions and festivals, and is seeking to have some of paintings exhibited internationally.
In his free time, CRD Larson enjoys scotch, bourbon, and striving towards making professional quality pizza at home.  He is skeptical of social media and the “internet of things,” and is currently shopping around for the finest in tinfoil hats.

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