Dawn C. Davis – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #5

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: Dawn C. Davis

DSC_2915A long time ago in a land far away, Dawn started taking pictures…of sailboats and lonely park benches. The cost of film and developing became more than she could cover in a rising economy so her camera went into the closet. Fast forward to the age of digital photography and an amazing gift from her family one holiday, and once again she holds a camera in her hands. Dawn didn’t realize just how much a part of her was missing until she started snapping the shutter again.

She has a love affair with nature which is expressed in her flower portraits, as well as the occasional bee or butterfly. She has an intense desire to capture the intrinsic value of the flower especially when photographed in the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest. Her fans like to call these photos her Flower Porn.

Her vision has grown to encompass working with models and she believes that the human body is the most sacred landscape we have available. Capturing and displaying it in all its diversity is her ongoing passion. Her models are everyday people learning to accept themselves and amazed at their own beauty. Dawn feels strongly about assisting them in this endeavor and feels their trust in her is precious. With the use of her camera, she has assisted several individuals through intensely personal and sometimes difficult transitions; including self-shame of body, post-surgical sex transitions, before and after shots from radical mastectomy due to cancer, and other life-changing experiences.

Dawn also enjoys giving her models various objects to interact with to see what they come up with. The outcome is often surprising, alluring, and sometimes emotional. She feels strongly that her art is not possible without the wonderful interaction between herself as the photographer and the varied and interesting people that grace her lens.

Enjoy more of Dawn’s work at these websites:



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