DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #4: Christopher B. Mooney

Christopher B. Mooney is known in the lifestyle and kink community as professional artist in Portland, OR currently creating figurative and erotic art works. Mr. Mooney received a Bachelor Fine Arts Degree from Parson’s School of Design, NY.  Continuing studies in portraiture workshops by Paul Missal at Pacific Northwest Collage of Art, Portland, OR

Throughout history we’ve been creating figurative art, Mr. Mooney finds it important to continue that inspiration as a favorite subject. Creating figurative erotic works, the subjects in each of the paintings were posed in natural light or occasionally lit with red and blue flood lights. It creates shapes of color that give the figures a more ambience and contemporary style. He hopes the viewer to recognize the fascination how this lighting brings out each subject’s emotional undertones, allowing their natures to rise to the surface.

           Mr. Mooney likes to meet people in the community to take photographs, sketch, and create paintings, primarily in oil on canvas, to portray their thoughts and feelings, and to create an erotic atmosphere of people in their environments. His work is of the ‘old masters’ style. He always looks forward to meeting any potential models who aren’t shy about art or the artist!  “I’ve created erotic works reflecting both kinky and/or fantasy-based poses, classical cuddling scenes, boudoir scenes, raw sex scenes and kissing scenes. Artists have old habits and I need to get out from under mine. I like to create paintings as a tool to explore my sexual nature – areas of my life that need sexuality without the baggage. For me, art is a real exploration of my inner self.”

            He has displayed his erotic art work at: L ALAN ARTS PROJECT @ the CATALYST ART & CULTURAL SPACE; Club Privata; Sanctuary; The Dirty Show in Detroit, Michigan; PDX Kink Festival; Nude Nite Tampa, Florida; and Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

See the rest of Christopher Mooney’s work here!

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