DLS Art Gallery Artist #5: M. Martinez

M.Martinez is a photographer fascinated by the feelings that photography can stir. M is interested in the power of imagery and creates projects that are intentional, and rooted in subtlety. Each image is a collaboration with the subject and are driven by a desire to diversify the media that we are presented with everyday in the world.

El Mundo Jaspeado is a fine art series intended to grant a glimpse into the beauty of the human form. The series features men, women, and couples from all over the northwest. These people share their strength, beauty, and connection to one another. Each photo is inspired by a desire to see a broader representation within the figurative artistry of the human form. A portion of the series will be on display at the Dirty Little Secrets art during Kinkfest.

Prints from additional projects like “Curves” and “Immersed”, a series currently o display at the Morpho Gallery, will be available in the art store during kinkfest. To see more images of these series and other works by M.Martinez visit Crescent Shine Consignment Shop on N. Killingsworth St. or www.mmartinezphoto.com

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