This year will be our biggest show yet!

It is official:
We have reached capacity!

I am pleased to announce the artists that will be joining us this year at the
20th anniversary of Portland, Oregon’s own Kinkfest:

There is more news to come about what to expect from this year’s show.
In the meantime, take a look at our artist’s websites and start planning your purchases!

Thank you to all of our artists for joining us on this journey!
I look forward to sharing your art to this wonderful kinky community
that we all love so much!

Later lovelies!


Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing – April 1, 2018

Once again, Dirty Little Secrets Artist, Christopher Mooney is hosting
Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing! Check it out!

Hello Friends and Art Enthusiasts:

Excited to be the Co-host for this second meetup: Please share and encourage others to join, thank you.

Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing.
Please click and follow the link to RSVP or register for location. Thank you. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

What we’ll do

  • In this session, we are planning to start with a few warm up short poses, have two 90-minute poses and two models, with the goal of providing a “visual reference” for explorations of human connection. The mood of the session will be more contemporary and adventuresome.

What to bring

  • Bring supplies for drawing, enthusiasm.

Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing!

It is just a bit…kinky? that a site dedicated to erotic art is advertising a Sunday Church function! But it isn’t too far out of realm when you realize the person leading this Church is our own Dirty Little Secrets artist CBMeroticartist! Check out the details below:

I’m Excited to be the Co-host for this new meetup!

Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing
We are providing a venue for artists to draw and learn from other artists on the first Sunday of each month from March 4th, 2018 until May 6th, 2018.

In the inaugural session, we are planning to have two 90-minute poses and two models, with the goal of providing a “visual reference” for explorations of human connection. The mood of the session will be more contemporary and adventuresome.

Bring supplies for drawing, enthusiasm. Please, no wet media

Location: Stage 13
13 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, OR

Price: $22.50

Date: Sunday, March 4, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

RSVP by March 3rd, 2018!

See you there!

More Secrets exposed!

We have announced the Call for Art is now open for the 2018 Dirty Little Secrets art gallery at Kinkfest.
2018 will be another growth year for the gallery. We are including 3D art this year, and a small store area where you can sell prints and other items along with your original pieces that hang on the panels. There will be no charge to sell items in the store, but there will be the same 20% commission.
What’s more, is that we are putting a lot of your feedback into practice this year: we will have artist’s bios posted on their panels, business cards will be on display at the desk, there will be more signage to help patrons find ways to purchase art, and much more! Please look for more information about that in the coming weeks.
2018 will be a stellar event, as it is Kinkfest’s 20th anniversary. The festival is going all out, so come join the fun!  Please help spread the word to other fellow artists!

2018 Call for Art is Open!


Join us March 30th to April 1st 2018 to display and sell your deliciously naughty art to a similarly delicious and naughty audience at Portland’s 20th Anniversary Kinkfest!

This is a chance to display your art and to make some sales without paying for a full-sized booth, while still being part of the largest kink festival on the West coast. Art panels will be set up in the vendor hall community area where festival attendees can view your art, ask questions, and make purchases, while relaxing between classes and events.

This is not a juried show.

Show the pieces that YOU want the world to see.
YOU set the price for your art.

Reserve one or several panels – up to 20 panels available.
A 4’x8′ panel costs only $25, and 20% of your sales will go to the Kinkfest scholarship fund.

3D art is now being accepted!
We have had many requests from 3D artists to join our little show, and this year we are making it happen!
We have very limited space. Only 3 4×4 areas will be available. So get your submission in early!

Steps to share your Dirty Little Secrets:

Read up on the Rules
Read the FAQ
Fill out a submission form
Submit your payment (via the Kinkfest registration page)

Follow us here or on Twitter to get updates as they happen!

2018 is Warming Up!

The planning has begun to make our 3rd year at KinkFest the best yet!

We won’t make you beg any longer.
We heard your feedback: more, more, MORE!

More art! More artists! More interaction! More couches!
And we are making it happen.

2018 will be the year 3D art is introduced to the Dirty Little Secrets art gallery.
That’s right! We are accepting sculpture into this year’s event!

What’s more, artists will be able to sell prints and merchandise along with original art.
A store will be set up at the front desk where artists can sell prints and other merch to make more art available at a wider range of price points.

There is so much more to come, but we wanted to get this news out right away.

Grab your asses sweethearts!
2018 is going to blow your mind!

2017 Thank You!

Dirty Little Secrets Art Galley is closed for this year, but planning is just beginning for next year!
Please stay tuned for updates and requests for input! This gallery is for YOU to enjoy and explore!

Thank you again to our wonderful artists! We would be nowhere without you.

Cat Cee
David Rolin
Hooligan Lili
Olivia Haro
Stephen Eide

An extra special thank you to our host: KinkFest for the space and the opportunity to share such wonderful art with the community.

Come back soon, as there will be updates as our planning continues!

Dirty Little Secrets 2017 recap

Whew! What an event! I’m still trying to catch my breath after such an amazing and successful event! In fact, my VW bus is still loaded down with all of the supplies.

I started to report on all of they daily happenings but soon got caught up in the fun. Here is a list of highlights from the rest of the weekend:

  • Artists hanging out in the gallery area, catching up with one another, and talking with patrons and potential models.
  • “Spanky” giving his infamous foot massages to lucky recipients lounging in the gallery.
  • Laughter and hugs and smokes shared around the firepit at the Saturday night meet and greet
  • The many artist attendees interested in showing their work with us next year.
  • The sharing of contact information for potential future commissions.
  • The elation expressed by patrons who found “the piece” of art that they connected with, and then took home as their prize.
  • The look of wonder and surprise when someone found a piece of art that speaks to them personally on many different levels
  • The relief and relaxation that crossed many faces as they took a respite on the couches…and sometimes dozed off for a few
  • The many “thank yous” we received from artists and attendees alike for providing such an experience.
  • The many secrets shared with us on the DLS white board.
  • The giggles heard as people read the secrets quietly or aloud to their friends…and then added their own
  • The chatter, comments, and questions about next year discussed throughout the crowd attending the Saturday evening meet and greet held at the festival hotel over cigars and drinks around the fire pit.
  • The hugs and giddy laughter as artists showing their erotic art for the first time become instant celebrities with the festival crowd.

What were your favorite highlights of the event? Please add yours in the comments!