FerociousBlueCycad – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #8

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: FerociousBlueCycad

Artist FerociousBlueCycad, aka L. A. Iversen, has been creating photographic fine art with an emphasis on fetish, erotic and conceptual subject matter since 1995.  Iversen’s work embodies a collaborative process, promoting “co-authorship” to engage and empower artistic collaborators, in lieu of traditional “release” arrangements.  Iversen is also an advocate for the physical, “in-person” experience of original fine art; Iversen’s debut show “In>>sequential” took place in 2004, followed by “Creation Myth,” focusing on traditional darkroom work, in 2010.  Iversen participated in group shows “Blue Light in the Moonlight” in 2008, “Rope and Skin” in 2014 and the debut of Kinkfest’s “Dirty Little Secrets” fine art gallery in 2016.  As curator and advocate as well as artist, Iversen organized “Beheld” in 2012 and “Bemuse”–a collaborative art and poetry event–in 2013 and 2014, and helped found the Catalyst, a center for the promotion of sex-positive art, education and culture, in 2012.  Iversen’s work will next be on display at Kinkfest 2018.