Lady_Sucu_Bug – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #9

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: Lady_Sucu_Bug

20171224_025547Lady_Sucu_Bug has been a member of the local BDSM community in Boise Idaho for 8 years. She loves to be as involved in her community growth as possible. Lady_sucu_Bug is a diverse player who enjoys many forms of kink from Impact, ball busting and breath play to Fire cupping, needles and energy play. Most of Her time in the community is spent teaching classes occasionally at the monthly FemDom Social, leading the local switches discussion group, or volunteering to help with other events in her community. Her goal is to help make BDSM accepted as any other alternative lifestyle choice and to help educate people on how to enjoy this lifestyle in a safe sane and consensual way.
One of the ways she has expressed her kink side has been through her art. Using canvas and acrylic to show life through the eyes of a female identifying Top/ Domme has been one of her greatest joys. She paints for the love of it and tries to bring attention to the sensuality of the human form in its many diverse ways. She found that much of the erotic art she sees focuses on females with smaller frames. As such she tries to focus on all shapes and sizes of the human body including males and those with larger frames.  She says this of her goals, “I hope to help people see beauty and sensuality where they wouldn’t normally look for it. I like unique beauty and I can usually find it if I look for it.”