DLS Art Gallery Artist #10: Hunter Fox

As an artist, Hunter explores the abstract, leaving the images to the viewer’s imagination. Hunter has developed a passion for the acrylic pour painting style, that includes a variety of methods, such as the chain pull designs, in leather colors. He welcomes any commissioned requests for paintings. A fan of metallics, and a mix of dark and vibrant colors, and hues, Hunter’s creations are definitely one-of-a-kind!

Cat Cee – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #10

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Cat Cee is a local Portland Photographer and Artist.  Her erotic art work features mainly photos she has shot at her Portland Studio and then those photos have been manipulated digitally either using layers and layers of visual textures, and or digital brushes.  Her work can have a slightly story telling quality, and her goal is to have the images be evocative and sexy.  She sells her work locally and on Etsy under the name The Stairway Down at www.thestairwaydown.etsy.com