Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery announces the 2019 artist line up!

Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery announces the 2019 artist line up! We have a full show, with lots of new names, a few returning artists, and even a few surprises!

We cannot wait for you to join us at Kinkfest!

Here are your 2019 artists:

Bokeh Babe
Johnny Flamethrower
David Rolin
Christopher Mooney
Cyrus Dvorak
Mr. OldSchool
Dawn Davis
Hooligan Lili
Cat Cee
M. Martinez
and more!

Check back often as we announce more 2019 Dirty Little Secrets Artists!

2019 Call For Art is now closed

We are closing the call for art early, as we have sold out of panels! Congratulations and Thank You to all of the artists that have purchased a panel. To all returning artists, welcome back! To all new artists, welcome to the Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery!

We will be announcing the artists in the coming weeks, and sending out information to the artists to help them prep their art for the show.

There are still opportunities to volunteer at the gallery. Please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you and Happy Arting!

A New Year, A New Show: Call for Art is Open!

Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery announces the Call for Art for the 2019 Kinkfest Festival!

Join us in the vendor hall of the West coast’s largest kink festival to show and sell your erotic art to an appreciative audience from around the globe. Show dates are April 19th – 21st, 2019.

This is a chance to display your art and to make some sales without paying for a full-sized booth, while still being part of the largest kink festival on the West coast. Art panels will be set up in the center of the vendor hall where festival attendees can view your art, ask questions, and make purchases while relaxing between classes and events.

This is not a juried show. Show the pieces that YOU want the world to see. YOU set the price for your art.

Reserve one or several panels – up to 20 panels available. A 4’x8′ panel costs only $25, and 20% of your sales will go to the Kinkfest scholarship fund.

3D art is also being accepted! Only 3 4×4 areas will be available. So get your request in early!

Don’t forget our store! Not only will you be displaying your best work on our panels, but you are welcome to bring prints, cards, and stickers to sell in our Dirty Little Secrets Cartel for no additional fee. 20% commission on store sales will still apply.

Steps to share your Dirty Little Secrets:

Read up on the Rules
Read the FAQ
Fill out a panel request form
Submit your payment (via the Kinkfest registration page)

Follow us here or on Twitter to get updates as they happen!

If you have any questions, please contact the art gallery coordinator.

This year will be our biggest show yet!

It is official:
We have reached capacity!

I am pleased to announce the artists that will be joining us this year at the
20th anniversary of Portland, Oregon’s own Kinkfest:

There is more news to come about what to expect from this year’s show.
In the meantime, take a look at our artist’s websites and start planning your purchases!

Thank you to all of our artists for joining us on this journey!
I look forward to sharing your art to this wonderful kinky community
that we all love so much!

Later lovelies!

Cat Cee – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #10

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Cat Cee is a local Portland Photographer and Artist.  Her erotic art work features mainly photos she has shot at her Portland Studio and then those photos have been manipulated digitally either using layers and layers of visual textures, and or digital brushes.  Her work can have a slightly story telling quality, and her goal is to have the images be evocative and sexy.  She sells her work locally and on Etsy under the name The Stairway Down at www.thestairwaydown.etsy.com

Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing – April 1, 2018

Once again, Dirty Little Secrets Artist, Christopher Mooney is hosting
Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing! Check it out!

Hello Friends and Art Enthusiasts:

Excited to be the Co-host for this second meetup: Please share and encourage others to join, thank you.

Sunday Portland Church of Figure Drawing. 
Please click and follow the link to RSVP or register for location. Thank you. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

What we’ll do

  • In this session, we are planning to start with a few warm up short poses, have two 90-minute poses and two models, with the goal of providing a “visual reference” for explorations of human connection. The mood of the session will be more contemporary and adventuresome.

What to bring

  • Bring supplies for drawing, enthusiasm.

Lady_Sucu_Bug – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #9

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: Lady_Sucu_Bug

20171224_025547Lady_Sucu_Bug has been a member of the local BDSM community in Boise Idaho for 8 years. She loves to be as involved in her community growth as possible. Lady_sucu_Bug is a diverse player who enjoys many forms of kink from Impact, ball busting and breath play to Fire cupping, needles and energy play. Most of Her time in the community is spent teaching classes occasionally at the monthly FemDom Social, leading the local switches discussion group, or volunteering to help with other events in her community. Her goal is to help make BDSM accepted as any other alternative lifestyle choice and to help educate people on how to enjoy this lifestyle in a safe sane and consensual way.
One of the ways she has expressed her kink side has been through her art. Using canvas and acrylic to show life through the eyes of a female identifying Top/ Domme has been one of her greatest joys. She paints for the love of it and tries to bring attention to the sensuality of the human form in its many diverse ways. She found that much of the erotic art she sees focuses on females with smaller frames. As such she tries to focus on all shapes and sizes of the human body including males and those with larger frames.  She says this of her goals, “I hope to help people see beauty and sensuality where they wouldn’t normally look for it. I like unique beauty and I can usually find it if I look for it.”

FerociousBlueCycad – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #8

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: FerociousBlueCycad

Artist FerociousBlueCycad, aka L. A. Iversen, has been creating photographic fine art with an emphasis on fetish, erotic and conceptual subject matter since 1995.  Iversen’s work embodies a collaborative process, promoting “co-authorship” to engage and empower artistic collaborators, in lieu of traditional “release” arrangements.  Iversen is also an advocate for the physical, “in-person” experience of original fine art; Iversen’s debut show “In>>sequential” took place in 2004, followed by “Creation Myth,” focusing on traditional darkroom work, in 2010.  Iversen participated in group shows “Blue Light in the Moonlight” in 2008, “Rope and Skin” in 2014 and the debut of Kinkfest’s “Dirty Little Secrets” fine art gallery in 2016.  As curator and advocate as well as artist, Iversen organized “Beheld” in 2012 and “Bemuse”–a collaborative art and poetry event–in 2013 and 2014, and helped found the Catalyst, a center for the promotion of sex-positive art, education and culture, in 2012.  Iversen’s work will next be on display at Kinkfest 2018.

Hooligan Lili – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #7

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: Hooligan Lili

herme_forPrintHooligan Lili is a Web professional who creates a variety of art in her free time. Her degree in Graphic Design and a list of favorite artists including Alberto Vargas, Alphonse Mucha, and Olivia De Berardinis influence Lili’s style.

Her work has been shown at Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery, Gallery Sesso, Club Privata, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and private clubs and coffee shops in the area. Her comic illustrations have been showcased in multiple San Diego Comic Con souvenir programs.

Lili has also donated work to a number of charity auctions including the Women of Wonder fund raising campaign, Twitter Art Exhibit, and the Portland Timbers Community Fund. A native to the Pacific Northwest, Lili currently resides in Portland, Oregon

You can see more of Lili’s art at: www.hooliganlili.com

M.Martinez – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #6

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: M.Martinez

Jaspeado Mundo. MMartinezPhoto1I would describe myself as a story driven photographer. I believe that the best photos occur, when you’re comfortable with the person behind the camera, so it’s always been important to me to know what story I’m telling with the images I capture.

As I’ve grown as an artist I’ve found my focus shifting more towards themed projects. Projects that are intentional and provocative. I want to highlight the bodies I see in the world, bodies that we claim as our own every day. My art projects are often meant to not only empower those I’m photographing, but to inspire the viewer as well. Body positivity, gender inclusiveness, and ethnic diversity are common themes in all of my photography projects.

At Kinkfest I’ll be showing a set from my series “Jaspeado Mundo, Variegated Art”. The project is about the beauty of people and features figurative images that focus on color, contrast, and shadow. Each model represents a feeling and is meant to signify strength, confidence, vulnerability, and arousal.

I find that people are surrounded by so many ideas, projections, and expectations in our culture. So, finding one’s own definition of beauty and learning the power in acceptance of self can be difficult when being contrasted against what one “ought” to be. The series was initially inspired after the 2016 presidential election. The United States experienced an out pour of hate towards women, the LGBT community, & people of color and as a Hispanic woman I suddenly felt immersed in a society that I didn’t visually see myself in. Jaspeado Mundo, is my way of showing the beauty of strength in people despite this hatred.

My sister was my first model because like me, she was also experiencing displacement in the society we live in. She would tell me about encounters where people would say the cruelest things to her, because of her skin tone, gender, body, and even her sexuality! Every story she told me, and every experience I had made me feel more and more like society that was adamantly rejecting those who didn’t fit it’s mold. Her set is called “Immersed” and began as it’s own project. I wanted to capture the grace and beauty of my sister while allowing her to feel confident in her skin.

I’ll be displaying 5 images from her set at Kinkfest with the remainder of the series set to be on display at Club Privata in July. I’ll also have 3 limited prints from my series curves in the Dirty Little Secrets art store. There are 5, 11×14 prints of each images available.

“Curves” is mini erotic photo series intended to focus on the subtle curves of people’s bodies and was on display at kf in 2016. The series was inspired by an outtake from the Littles in the Dungeon series. I found myself infatuated with the curvature of the models arm and the contrast of everything around it, as an artist I was drawn into the shadows and texture of her body. The image made me want to feature each figure in a unique way.

A picture can say so much, what do you want YOURS to say?