DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #9: TomFoolery

TomFoolery started doing erotic rope bondage in 2002. He has created a large number of unique and innovative ties and techniques. Rope is sexual and a spiritual practice for him and serves as a creative and artistic outlet. He is also a photographer, capturing his own rope work and other erotic images. He enjoys doing rope bondage and suspensions in quiet indoor settings, noisy nightclubs, at burning man, outdoors in the woods or off of bridges.

His style is fusion bondage. It mixes traditional Shibari with Western and Celtic influences. It is both highly decorative and functional. His suspension work is dynamic, featuring spinning and swinging.

He teaches regularly at Kink.com’s Armory Studio Series, he has given workshops at The Northwest Leather Celebration, Dark Odyssey, Kinkfest in Portland, BondCon and other events. His photographs have been featured at Cannibal Flower Shows in LA, the San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and Fanfare-LA Exhibition

DLS Art Gallery Artist #5: M. Martinez

M.Martinez is a photographer fascinated by the feelings that photography can stir. M is interested in the power of imagery and creates projects that are intentional, and rooted in subtlety. Each image is a collaboration with the subject and are driven by a desire to diversify the media that we are presented with everyday in the world.

El Mundo Jaspeado is a fine art series intended to grant a glimpse into the beauty of the human form. The series features men, women, and couples from all over the northwest. These people share their strength, beauty, and connection to one another. Each photo is inspired by a desire to see a broader representation within the figurative artistry of the human form. A portion of the series will be on display at the Dirty Little Secrets art during Kinkfest.

Prints from additional projects like “Curves” and “Immersed”, a series currently o display at the Morpho Gallery, will be available in the art store during kinkfest. To see more images of these series and other works by M.Martinez visit Crescent Shine Consignment Shop on N. Killingsworth St. or www.mmartinezphoto.com

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #3: Johnny Flamethrower

Johnny Flamethrower is a photo artist hailing from the Midwestern United States. His work has been featured in The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today Volumes 2, 3 and 5, Skin Two Magazine, ARTundressed, and the Dirty Show, among others.”

Johnny Flamethrower’s work has a great edginess to it that I just love! The lighting, the colors, the cropping – all put the viewer right in the middle of the scene. Yes!!

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #2: BokehBabe

“My goal is to create inspirational art. I believe that imagery should make you feel good about yourself or make you smile thinking about something that you love. What we surround ourselves with has the ability to affect how we feel, so why not surround ourselves with art that makes us happy? That is my motto and my goal with helping others live more inspired lives through art.

I offer prints of my personal work and offer custom photography sessions.

If you want to see more work or contact me….

Feel free to check out my website @ BokehBabe.net

Or follow me @ https://fetlife.com/users/8762362″

Welcome, BokehBabe! I cannot wait to see your work in person!

Cat Cee – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #10

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Cat Cee is a local Portland Photographer and Artist.  Her erotic art work features mainly photos she has shot at her Portland Studio and then those photos have been manipulated digitally either using layers and layers of visual textures, and or digital brushes.  Her work can have a slightly story telling quality, and her goal is to have the images be evocative and sexy.  She sells her work locally and on Etsy under the name The Stairway Down at www.thestairwaydown.etsy.com

FerociousBlueCycad – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #8

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: FerociousBlueCycad

Artist FerociousBlueCycad, aka L. A. Iversen, has been creating photographic fine art with an emphasis on fetish, erotic and conceptual subject matter since 1995.  Iversen’s work embodies a collaborative process, promoting “co-authorship” to engage and empower artistic collaborators, in lieu of traditional “release” arrangements.  Iversen is also an advocate for the physical, “in-person” experience of original fine art; Iversen’s debut show “In>>sequential” took place in 2004, followed by “Creation Myth,” focusing on traditional darkroom work, in 2010.  Iversen participated in group shows “Blue Light in the Moonlight” in 2008, “Rope and Skin” in 2014 and the debut of Kinkfest’s “Dirty Little Secrets” fine art gallery in 2016.  As curator and advocate as well as artist, Iversen organized “Beheld” in 2012 and “Bemuse”–a collaborative art and poetry event–in 2013 and 2014, and helped found the Catalyst, a center for the promotion of sex-positive art, education and culture, in 2012.  Iversen’s work will next be on display at Kinkfest 2018.

M.Martinez – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #6

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: M.Martinez

Jaspeado Mundo. MMartinezPhoto1I would describe myself as a story driven photographer. I believe that the best photos occur, when you’re comfortable with the person behind the camera, so it’s always been important to me to know what story I’m telling with the images I capture.

As I’ve grown as an artist I’ve found my focus shifting more towards themed projects. Projects that are intentional and provocative. I want to highlight the bodies I see in the world, bodies that we claim as our own every day. My art projects are often meant to not only empower those I’m photographing, but to inspire the viewer as well. Body positivity, gender inclusiveness, and ethnic diversity are common themes in all of my photography projects.

At Kinkfest I’ll be showing a set from my series “Jaspeado Mundo, Variegated Art”. The project is about the beauty of people and features figurative images that focus on color, contrast, and shadow. Each model represents a feeling and is meant to signify strength, confidence, vulnerability, and arousal.

I find that people are surrounded by so many ideas, projections, and expectations in our culture. So, finding one’s own definition of beauty and learning the power in acceptance of self can be difficult when being contrasted against what one “ought” to be. The series was initially inspired after the 2016 presidential election. The United States experienced an out pour of hate towards women, the LGBT community, & people of color and as a Hispanic woman I suddenly felt immersed in a society that I didn’t visually see myself in. Jaspeado Mundo, is my way of showing the beauty of strength in people despite this hatred.

My sister was my first model because like me, she was also experiencing displacement in the society we live in. She would tell me about encounters where people would say the cruelest things to her, because of her skin tone, gender, body, and even her sexuality! Every story she told me, and every experience I had made me feel more and more like society that was adamantly rejecting those who didn’t fit it’s mold. Her set is called “Immersed” and began as it’s own project. I wanted to capture the grace and beauty of my sister while allowing her to feel confident in her skin.

I’ll be displaying 5 images from her set at Kinkfest with the remainder of the series set to be on display at Club Privata in July. I’ll also have 3 limited prints from my series curves in the Dirty Little Secrets art store. There are 5, 11×14 prints of each images available.

“Curves” is mini erotic photo series intended to focus on the subtle curves of people’s bodies and was on display at kf in 2016. The series was inspired by an outtake from the Littles in the Dungeon series. I found myself infatuated with the curvature of the models arm and the contrast of everything around it, as an artist I was drawn into the shadows and texture of her body. The image made me want to feature each figure in a unique way.

A picture can say so much, what do you want YOURS to say?

Dawn C. Davis – Dirty Little Secrets Artist #5

I am pleased to introduce you to our artists for 2018.

Introducing: Dawn C. Davis

DSC_2915A long time ago in a land far away, Dawn started taking pictures…of sailboats and lonely park benches. The cost of film and developing became more than she could cover in a rising economy so her camera went into the closet. Fast forward to the age of digital photography and an amazing gift from her family one holiday, and once again she holds a camera in her hands. Dawn didn’t realize just how much a part of her was missing until she started snapping the shutter again.

She has a love affair with nature which is expressed in her flower portraits, as well as the occasional bee or butterfly. She has an intense desire to capture the intrinsic value of the flower especially when photographed in the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest. Her fans like to call these photos her Flower Porn.

Her vision has grown to encompass working with models and she believes that the human body is the most sacred landscape we have available. Capturing and displaying it in all its diversity is her ongoing passion. Her models are everyday people learning to accept themselves and amazed at their own beauty. Dawn feels strongly about assisting them in this endeavor and feels their trust in her is precious. With the use of her camera, she has assisted several individuals through intensely personal and sometimes difficult transitions; including self-shame of body, post-surgical sex transitions, before and after shots from radical mastectomy due to cancer, and other life-changing experiences.

Dawn also enjoys giving her models various objects to interact with to see what they come up with. The outcome is often surprising, alluring, and sometimes emotional. She feels strongly that her art is not possible without the wonderful interaction between herself as the photographer and the varied and interesting people that grace her lens.

Enjoy more of Dawn’s work at these websites: